Kiyosu, Japan, June 20, 2023: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. and Powdec K.K. have jointly developed1 a high-performance
horizontal GaN power device that will lead to improved performance in the power converters used in solar power
generation and other equipment.

Power devices are widely used in power control for industrial machinery, automobiles, home appliances and more. Today,
as society moves toward carbon neutrality, the commercialization and spread of next-generation power devices that can
reduce power loss during control holds great promise. Among these devices, GaN power devices feature high-speed
operation, but higher breakdown voltage for higher power operation has been an issue in wider application.

World-class power of 800V and On/Off operation of one millionth of a second was confirmed2 using a module equipped with
an originally designed GaN power device3 under development by Toyoda Gosei and Powdec. This demonstration of
a power device that offers both high-voltage and high-speed operation is promising for reduced power loss in solar power
generation and other benefits. The companies are aiming to assure stable continuous operation and durable quality for
early commercialization.

1 With support from the Ministry of the Environment’s “Project to Accelerate the Social Implementation and Spread of Components
and Materials for Innovative CO2 Reductions.”
2 High performance with both high-voltage operation (800V) and high-speed operation (On/Off operation of one millionth of a second) is
among the highest in the world (as of the end of May, 2023 in a survey by Toyoda Gosei)
3 Polarization Super Junction GaN power transistor. It features high breakdown voltage of ≥1500 V.





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