Features of FEELSOLE

Features of FEELSOLE

As if you can feel itFEELSOLE

Clearly and easily check the weight shift during your swing!

FEELSOLE is an advanced smart insole that delicately senses changes in foot pressure and can visualize them through an app.
The insole is equipped with a soft, thin, and lightweight e-Rubber sensor, which can collect data such as body balance and weight transfer.
By simply inserting it into your shoes, you can digitize the distribution of foot pressure and weight shift during your swing or putt, and you can check it at the same time as the swing video you shot with your smartphone or tablet.

It will closely support you in every golf scene.

Effective instruction is possible at golf schools, and you can improve your form at the practice range, etc.
It will closely support you in every golf scene.


At golf schools

At golf schools,
it can be used for objective advice.


Individual training

Shoot your swing, etc.,
and analyze it in your own way.
For daily training.

How to use

Intuitive and easy to useINTUITIVE

You can check the swing video and foot pressure data on the screen at the same time, and support skill improvement with various analyses.

Display image in the dedicated app

Foot pressure heatmap/COP

Foot pressure

Comparison with the best shot

Comparison with
the best shot

Change in foot pressure over time

Change in foot pressure over time

Visualization of stepping-in timing

Position estimation (skeleton detection)

Position estimation (skeleton detection)

Automatically detects 10 positions

Metronome function

Shot practice

Metronome function

A function to find the tempo
of your shot

Comment example

Drill video example

Drill video example

Swing analysys function

A feature that diagnoses the swing from the changes in foot pressure during the swing.
You can practice according to your own challenges based on advice
and recommended drill videos.

The dedicated app measures data such as weight transfer during a golf swing, and it can be displayed simultaneously with the swing video on your smartphone or tablet.
You can easily check the difference in foot pressure due to swing form, acquire the correct posture, and guide you to the ideal swing.

FEELSOLE introduction video
How to use video
Swing analysys function introduction video
Metronome function introduction video

Toru Inoue

Pro Coach & TGA president

FEELSOLE development supervision.
Studied golf theory in the United States and has been the first tour pro coach in the Japan Tour since 1997, serving professionals such as Nobuto Sato, Tsuneyuki Nakajima, Hideki Kase, and Misuzu Narita. He is currently coaching many pros, including Natsuka Hori and Yuri Onishi.
In 2011, he received the Best Paper Award for his research on "Strengthening and Developing Pro Golfers in Korea" at the Graduate School of Waseda University. He is currently the President of the International Junior Golf Development Association and has been appointed as the Japanese representative director for the World Junior Golf Championship. He has also been the director of the University of Tokyo Golf Club since 2016.
He has authored many books, including "How the Underdog University of Tokyo Golf Club Won" and "The Swing Training to Break 90 in Golf". His "Toru Inoue Golf University" is also very popular on YouTube.

You can download the dedicated app
from here.

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  • The app contains some paid content
  • The dedicated app can be used even without the insole
  • The functions will be updated from time to time


Points to note

FEELSOLE and the dedicated app are only sold and can be used in Japan.

We have confirmed sites distributing Android apps disguised as the "FEELSOLE Golf" app. As of August 31, 2023,
we are not providing an Android app, so please be careful.
Please use the official app above.

Product Information


Purchase here

Online store is only available for
Japanese destinations






  • Supported OS: iOS14.0 and later
    • Power supply specification: Dedicated magnetic bifurcated charging cable
      Sold separately: USB AC adapter 5V/1A
  • Weight: S: 72g M: 84g L: 95g per foot
  • Battery capacity: 5 hours of operation
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Communication standard: Bluetooth® Ver.5.0 Class1.5
  • Wireless frequency band: 2.4GHz band
  • Operating guarantee environment: 15〜40℃ 25〜95%RH
  • Technical standard conformity certification number: 203-JN0495
  • *Product specifications are subject to change without notice

Quick Start Guide PDF


  • What OS/devices are supported?

    It has been confirmed to work on iOS14.0 or later / iPhoneX, iPad Air (third generation) or later. Some paid features require high-load operation. Please note that depending on your device, processing may take some time.

  • Can I try it before purchasing?

    We offer trials for golf schools and coaches. For more details, please contact us.
    We do not lend out to the general public.

  • What kind of data can be obtained with FEELSOLE?

    You can measure foot pressure, COP (center of foot pressure), left-right balance, front-back balance, and vertical pressure change.