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Case Studies of LED

Case Studies of Sunlight LED Implementation

Meiji Jingu Museum (Shibuya, Tokyo)

The "Meiji Jingu Museum", which houses precious items related to Emperor Meiji and Empress Dowager Shoken. The lighting at this museum uses Toyoda Gosei's sunlight LEDs, which can faithfully reproduce the appearance of objects.With LEDs that faithfully reproduce sunlight, it is possible to display the exhibits, such as the "Rokutōbiki Gisōsha" and the "Kōrozenno Gohō", in the same way as they would appear under sunlight.

Rokutōbiki Gisōsha

The carriage in which Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken rode on the day of the Constitution promulgation ceremony in the 22nd year of the Meiji era.

Kōrozenno Gohō

The ceremonial attire worn by Emperor Meiji.

Case Studies of Implementation in Inspection Processes and Beauty Salons

Toyoda Gosei's sunlight type LED is used in MENIX Co., Ltd.'s LED device "Luce".Taking advantage of the features of the sunlight type LED, which has "less blue light component" and "looks the same as the color tone seen in bright sunlight", it is being introduced in the inspection processes of companies where it is important to check the brightness and color reproduction, as well as in beauty salons.

Case Study of Implementation at a Sheet Metal Shop: Comparison between standard white LED (left) and Luce, which uses Toyoda Gosei's sunlight type LED (right).

Case Study at a Beauty Salon: A comparison between the standard whiteLED (left) and Luce, which incorporates sunlight LED technology from Toyoda Gosei (right).

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